Taff Vale No. 28


Taff Vale 28 Appeal

Taff Vale 28 Appeal


The Welsh Train Concept

Since its formation, the Gwili Vintage Carriage Group (GVCG) has been looking for opportunities to display its carriages within an appropriate context.  As the GVCG currently possesses five carriages belonging to former Taff Vale Railway, it has always been our ambition to create a complete Welsh Train.  We firmly believe that this unique concept will provide an ideal platform from which to educate the public about the social and economic impact of the railways in Wales.  We also intend to ensure that the finished product becomes a roving ambassador for Welsh standard gauge preservation, something that has hitherto been overshadowed by the narrow-gauge railways of North Wales.

 The Taff Vale Project  

However, there was something missing!  As Taff Vale Brake Third No. 220’s overhaul was anticipated to be completed in 2013, some of our members began to examine the possibility of securing another important relic of the Taff Vale Railway that would be essential for completing the Welsh Train concept.  The resultant discussions proved remarkably positive, and more importantly, paved the way to a unique partnership with both the National Railway Museum and the Llangollen Railway.  The GVCG is therefore pleased to announce, on behalf of all partners, a new project to cosmetically overhaul the last-surviving Welsh-built standard gauge steam locomotive: Taff Vale Railway O1 class 0-6-2T No. 28.

A ‘National Steam Locomotive’ for Wales?

The fact that No. 28 was built in Wales makes it an important part of the National Collection of steam locomotives in the care of the National Railway Museum.  However, aside from a ten-year spell of operation under the aegis of the Caerphilly Railway Society during the 1980s and early 1990s, No. 28 has led something of an itinerant existence out of public view.  It is the ambition of all project partners to rectify this and see the locomotive take its rightful place on public display as a reminder of the role railways played in forging the booming coal industry in Wales during the early 20th century.

Project Aims

The Taff Vale Project has several aims, some of which have already been described above:

  1. Administer an appeal for funding to return Taff Vale No. 28 to public display.
  2. Use the completed locomotive as a basis to educate the public about the importance of the railways in developing the Welsh economy during the early 20th century.
  3. To create a static display on the Gwili Railway using appropriate rolling stock owned by the GVCG, thereby creating the first complete ‘Welsh Train’ in preservation.
  4. To continue to liaise with all project partners to discuss future project developments.

The Appeal

As project administrators, the GVCG hopes that the project will foster a sense of collective ownership amongst the people of Wales and beyond.  We hope that this sense of collective ownership will help us to raise the anticipated £10,000 cost of the cosmetic overhaul, which will include repair and replacement of corroded material, reassembly of the locomotive and transport to the Gwili Railway.  We believe that this is an eminently achievable project that will ensure that the locomotive will once again be seen by the general public, and will form a tangible object that will aid long-term planning.

The GVCG therefore welcomes all assistance whether financial or practical, and should you have any memories of the locomotive in its previous period of operation, we would very much like to hear from you.


Contact Details/Donations

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Alternatively, you may send us a cheque payable to GVCG to the following address:

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Please send a covering letter stating your name and address, and your preference for payment to the Taff Vale Project.

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We hope you chose to support this project and we look forward to hearing from you.