March 2018

Taff Vale Railway No.28

Last work day we had two teams working on the engine and managed to achieve the most work we have in  a single day.

The first team focused on cleaning up the drain cocks, mechanism, levers and associated rods.

The drain cocks where degreased, removing 20 year’s worth of muck and debris and are now shiny and clean. The frame that operates the cocks as well as some rods has been stripped down, cleaned up and painted in primer.

The valve guide block has also been cleaned and painted. This is now ready for refitting.

The internal wheel splashers have been found and are now in primer awaiting trial fitting at the next working day.

The second team started trial fitting components back on to the loco. This is important process as it allows us to asses the condition that the parts are in. This  also allows us to identify what parts are missing and what work needs to be carried out to return the locomotive to serviceable condition.

The eccentrics were the first items to be refitted, the eccentric journals being cleaned up first thing in the morning, and the eccentric straps removed from the van, cleaned and inspected.

Original marking was found on the straps to identify where they fitted, and after lubrication of both the journals and the straps, all 4 eccentrics were fitted. They were found to be a good fit, with only 1 off needing adjusting of the shims.

Inspection of the rear end of the locomotive has found some items with the radial truck that will need to be addressed over the next few working days.

Taff Vale Railway Coach No.48

This month has seen work focus on two fronts, firstly more painting, filling and sanding has gone on inside getting it ready final gloss. Second when the weather has allowed it  the area around the coach being cleared of brambles and shrubs as part of preparations for landscaping the area later in the spring.

Great Western Railway No.216

The contractor has continued with the door repair and we are hopeful that the doors will be returned to us at some point in May.

Again if you’d liked to get involved please contact us through the website.