February 2018

Taff Vale Railway No.28

Last work day, focused on cleaning up further parts of the motion this included the Eccentric rods, big and small end straps and the slide bars. We are now in a position to  trial fit the eccentric straps and slide bars to the locomotive at the next working day.

The stores van has a been reorganised so that we can now access bits for cleaning and  store safely the parts already cleaned and painted.

There is still a stack of motion components to clean up and paint, so there is  plenty of cleaning, scraping, wire brushing and painting to do.

Away from the railway some group members have been modelling the side tanks for us in CAD. This has seen us working to the original TVR works drawings as well as checking the original drawings against the NCB tanks fitted. Much to our surprise it was found the NCB tank where pretty close in size to the original tanks. Once we have completed these drawings, we will have a better understanding of the cost involved in replacement tanks.

Taff Vale Railway Coach No.48

Work has continued kitting out this body for is future roles as additional undercover space at Llwyfan Cerrig station. So far this month has seen focus shift to the inside with replacement internal planks  and burning off of old paint. It is hoped this project will progress more rapidly over the next few months once the inclement weather is behind us.

Taff Vale Railway Coach No.220

These  vehicles remain sheeted over as it  has done all winter.

Great Western Railway No 216.

This vehicle along with TVR is currently sheeted over as it has been all winter. There is however progress on it restoration as one door has been sent away for rebuilding as new with a second due to follow shortly. At present it is hoped that they will re-enter the workshop in early July, this is however dependant on other projects being completed on time.

If you would like to get involved, then please contact us through the website.